Hooked at an early age

I was lucky to learn how to cast a dry fly and work a riffle at an early age from a truly great fisherman, my Father. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember going fishing with Dad. Watching him fly fish with beautiful technique was like watching an artist create a masterpiece from a blank canvas. A wonderful and patient teacher, he instilled a deep appreciation for fishing and spending time in the great outdoors.

Although I’m no longer a little girl, I still enjoy fishing with my Dad when I return home to Truckee, CA.  In recent years I have branched out from fishing exclusively for trout; steelhead, salmon, deep sea fishing, you name it. If it’s a fish and it can be caught on a rod, I’m game to fish for it. Basically I’m fish crazy.

Its not just the bend in the rod that makes me love fishing so much, (although that is undeniably one of the most exciting moments). I love that when your fishing, you are spending time in some of the most insanely beautiful and wild destinations. Standing in the middle of a crystal clear stream with stunning mountain peaks on the horizon, or swaying with the rhythm of the sea while throwing out a line in the early morning fog; both have a uniquely alluring appeal.

The tug of a fish, the savage beauty of the landscapes and the characters you meet upon the open seas or in the local fly shop combine to make a heady and overall intoxicating experience.

Stay tuned for updates on the fishing adventures I embark upon, as well as the fishing tips and tricks I’m sure to pick up along the way.  I’ll also include travel blurbs and fascinating bits about the places I visit.

*I would like dedicate this first post to Bruce Ajari (Dad), the man who gave me fly fishing.

Embarking upon another day of fishing, age 10.

Embarking upon another day of fishing, age 10.