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  1. I saw that on some of your older blog posts you mention that you have a red truck diesel fly rod. How do you like the rod compared to others in that price range? I am considering getting that rod but wanted to get some more information on it from someone who has used it.

    • Hi Sheldon, The Red Truck Diesel is a great all around rod. It can through streamers, nymphs and of course dry flies with ease. The only thing I don’t love about it is that it’s a bit still for lighter leader and tippet when casting dries. Basically not the most ideal spring creek dry fly rod.

  2. LOL!!
    Leslie…I thought you were familiar!
    Your blog is one I have book marked on my iPhone! I check about 20 every Friday at lunch…
    Alot can fish but not too many can write as well as you…
    I’ll probably be by LCO next Friday if your around…
    Great to meet ya yesterday…
    Best T.

    • Awesome! I’m updating and doing my best to keep it current with my adventures. It was great meeting you the other week. Also, I opened those days for Bollibokka if you are still interested. It would be fun to get out on the water with you! Thanks for reading.

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