The old boy’s club

It’s been a fantastic week; I visited one of my favorite places in the world, Truckee, CA. Born and raised there, it never fails to impress and astound me how much that place still feels like home, no matter how long I’ve been kept away. Familiar faces and sights take me on a walk down memory lane. Running the same stretch of river that I ran for so many years growing up; FISHING places I have since I was old enough to cast a rod; trout bummin’ with my dad and walking past that spot where I fell wading and snapped the tip of his rod. So many special memories! It just made me think, fishing isn’t just about the act of fishing, it’s also about the people you fish with.

I made a trip out to Pyramid Lake, NV while I was there with my pops and his long time fishing buddy Bob Djako. Another long time friend and former neighbor Mike Posten also met us out there. I love going fishing with my dad and his friends. Not only do I get awesome tips on casting and fishing techniques, but I also get to be an honorary member of the “old boy’s club” or as I like to call it, “the old farts’ club.”  Trust me, I use this phrase as a term of endearment. My sides were sore from laughing so much the next day. Crap, these guys love to make fun of each other; but the jokes and heckling are like the hooks we fish with, barbless. You can tell that these guys have been fishing together for a very long time, since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, as I like to say. The group fishing next to us thanked us for the entertainment as they packed up, mentioning that fishing next to us all day was better than seeing a live comedy show. ( The fishing wasn’t to shabby either, check out the photos!!)

All joking aside, it is a marvelous thing to witness such a great group of friends. I have a hypothesis that the people who fly fish are generally, pretty dang spectacular. Haven’t met a bad apple yet to disprove this hypothesis. Personally when I’m fly fishing, I feel that in those perfect moments, I am exactly the person I want to be. I’m convinced fishing makes me a better person, cliche as it may sound. The fly fishing community is exceptional; filled with unique and extraordinary characters. The individuals I’ve met personally are terrific and tremendously enjoyable to spend time with, on and off the water. So cheers to all you fly fishers’ out there! Thanks for being so magnificent!