I’m on a boat!

Well, I definetly got my fishing fix for the week. I took my first float down the lower section of the Yuba river. Not only did I get to check out a new section of the Yuba, but I also had my first drift boat experience. Kick ass! I loved how much water we covered but didn’t neglect wading; stopping a few places to hop out and get wet.

The weather was spectacular, if a bit windy at moments, but that just allowed for some Belgan casting practice. A bonus for that day was hooking my first fish of the year on a dry fly (a PMD). Yewwww, it’s sexy watching a fish explode on a dry fly!

Jeff caught two nice rainbows and Jordan was an incredibly skilled skipper; also super patient… the wind combined with my bouts of general spaziness made for a few epic tangles!

A whole day spent fishing, taking in the sunshine (I’ve got a super hot forearm burn to prove it!), and hanging out with some pretty awesome dudes. Life doesn’t get much better than that. Its safe to say that life is always good, when you’re on a boat.


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